Sexual Health

Sexual Health

The physical and emotional pleasures of sex are very real.

However, there can be some unforeseen or unexpected results. Sexual arousal, or intimate behavior can flood your brain with a hormone called oxytocin, which bonds you to the person you are with. The release of oxytocin, vasopressin, and pheromones makes it difficult for people to have sex with no strings attached.  

Bonding to the wrong person can put your future at risk. The latest brain research behind these “bonding hormones” explains addictions to sex, pornography, and harmful sexual behaviors. It also explains the strong bond between two people in a lifelong love relationship.

Do you know the difference between “just sex” and love? Your brain does.  The good news is that you are in control and your future is in your hands. The distress that often follows casual sex or “hook ups” is preventable. Life may get in the way of some plans you had for your future, however sexual encounters you’d rather forget, are burdens that you can avoid.

Listening to the lessons of our body’s biological chemistry: it’s wise to be very careful about who you allow yourself to get close to you.

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