STD/STI Exposure 

How many partners have you really been with? Had sex with just a couple people? Seems safe enough, right?

However, there’s a chain reaction that occurs if your partner had sex with someone else, and then that person had sex with someone else, and on and on. The more people involved in this chain, the more at risk you are. If any of them was infected, whether they had symptoms or not, you’re at risk.

Do the math. How many partners have you been with?

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What are your odds of getting a life-changing or life-threatening STI?


STD/STI's May Spread Easier Than You Think

If you wish to avoid sexually transmitted infections altogether, you need a plan. Any sexual activity, and any genital contact with another person can be a serious matter that can put you at risk for life-long consequences. STI's can be spread with any sexual activity to various parts of the body, not just limited to genitals. 

Use knowledge to empower your decisions. The consequences that follow casual sex or putting off getting tested for STD’s are preventable.

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